The 2020 SEAT Leon is here

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Now in its fourth generation, the SEAT Leon offers sharp exterior lines and a keen eye on the details, and is a very safe evolution of the one that came before. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that – the new car takes over from a very popular car. It's SEAT's most successful model in the UK with more than 250,000 sold.

The new Leon is significantly longer than the previous version and has more space between its front and rear axles. It’s also marginally narrower and has a lower roofline, but don’t think that means there’s less space in the boot. In fact, it’s the same as before, at 380 litres –identical to the Golf’s and more than the rival Ford Focus or Vauxhall Astra offers. In the Leon ST estate, the available boot space has grown by enough to fit in an extra shopping bag.

The all-digital and minimalist-looking cabin of the 2020 Leon carries the now-familiar SEAT design cues of sharp lines, it’s actually quite sober in its choices of trims colours. There's nothing wrong with this approach as such, just that in an era of digital dashboard tech and family-friendly SUV interiors with toys and cubbies for everyone, this all feels a little predictable.

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